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A blind conservationist experiences an iconic photograph of the last male northern white rhino

10 min
Everyone should be able to feel the power of great photography, beyond just seeing it. Watch as world-renowned photojournalist and Canon Ambassador Brent Stirton helps blind conservationist Lawrence Gunther experience some of his work – in a way he’ll never forget.
Brent Stirton laughing with Lawrence Gunther
Watch episode one of World Unseen with photojournalist Brent Stirton and blind conservationist Lawrence Gunther

In the film, the photograph on display is part of Brent’s “Rhino Wars” series, and depicts the world’s last male northern white rhinoceros, standing in the Kenyan savanna, flanked by the heavily armed men paid to protect him.

Using Canon PRISMAelevate XL software and Arizona printer series, Brent's photograph of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, becomes a tactile experience, helping Lawrence to conjure the picture in his mind's eye.

On one plinth, Lawrence can envisage the photograph and hear the powerful story of Sudan and his subspecies, by reading Brent's image description, printed in braille.

On another, Brent’s work is printed in relief, making it a fully tactile experience. Lawrence can feel the sheen of the men’s rifles, and the coarseness of Sudan’s armoured skin.

Brent Stirton’s ‘Rhino Wars’ photograph

Immerse yourself in the image and listen to Brent’s audio description

I’m so privileged to be here and experience this. This is my dream.”

Lawrence Gunther sitting down, smiling whilst in conversation with Brent Stirton

Lawrence Gunther

A life-long outdoor enthusiast, in 2007 Lawrence Gunther invented the world's first Blind Fishing Boat, was the first Canadian to win an international blind sailing regatta in 2010, and was certified in SCUBA in 2011. He is North America's only blind conservationist.

Brent Stirton

Multi-award-winning South African photojournalist and Canon ambassador Brent Stirton has spent his career documenting some of the world's most challenging and important topics – including the plight of the world's most threatened species.

Brent Stirton close up concentrating on the conversation
To make the experience possible, we printed Brent Stirton's arresting image using Canon PRISMAelevate XL software and Arizona printer series.
Close up shot of hands feeling the relief print

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