Sophie Odelberg

Sophie Odelberg

Canon Nordic Photographer, Sweden

What type of photographer are you?

I am a sports and action photographer.

What are your favorite motives?

I love to shoot all sorts of sport but what I enjoy a little bit extra is shooting sports in extreme environment for example surrounded by mountains or on top of a mountain.

Which products do you use today?

I have a lot of equipment but what I use the most is: Canon 1DX, Canon 5d Mark IV, EF 70-200 mm f1,2, EF 17-40 mm f4, EF 50 mm f1,2, EF 35 mm.

Can you tell us about a photo moment which you will never forget.

Actually one I did two weeks ago. We were shooting skiing, but to get to the location we had to do a really difficult climb, -especially because I had 23 kg of gear in my backpack. That was a crazy challenge!

Can you give an advice to someone who wants to develop in photography.

Shoot as much as possible (practice makes perfect) and don not be so hard on yourself. Do not let the fear of shooting bad pictures stop you. You have to start somewhere before you become really good at it and don not forget that photography is supposed to be fun! Being creative is fun. If there is always to much pressure to create a perfect picture every single time you use your camera you will, in the long run, risk loosing the joy of it and stop. So do not forget to have fun!

Sophie Odelberg