Samuel Taipale


Photographer/Instagrammer, Estonia

Could you please share a bit about your background as a photographer?

I started playing around with cameras about 6-7 years ago when I got more interested in fashion and started my blog. What then started as simply taking outfit photos, has now grown into travel and lifestyle photography and a part of who I am, carrying a camera around with me every single day.

What type of photographer are you?

I'd say I am a lifestyle photographer, doing lots of commercial work with different brands - fashion, beauty, travel - helping them with their visual side. In my spare time I enjoy taking street style photos.

Where do you like to take pictures?

I prefer shooting outdoors more than indoors. Not so much in the nature, but more in the city streets, playing with light, depth and the textures and colors of the buildings.

Which products do you use daily?

I use Canon EOS 5 Mark IV body for all of my photos and as for the lenses, I like to play around with fixed lenses the most for their sharp details and bokeh, using 35mm and 85mm lenses the most often.

Could you tell us about a photo moment that you will never forget?

Last fall I was hiking in Puerto Rico on an extremely hot day. We were searching for a deserted beach to take photos of, crossing a little river to get there. During the first hour we were there the weather changed completely. It went from sunny to stormy and started raining heavily. We were soaking wet, running against the wind trying to get back to our car, but the water level had risen so tremendously that what used to be a little river going into the sea, barely touching our knees an hour ago, had become a deep water we had to swim through, while saving our camera gear. At least we got the shots.

Could you give any advice to someone who wants to develop their skills in photography?

Look around and go explore, trying simultaneously to see everything through the camera eye to discover cool places to take photos of/at. Think of the story you want to tell with the photos and learn to play with light. Also, don't be afraid of editing - with color grading you can give your images a totally different vibe!