Hannes Söderlund

Hannes Söderlund

Canon Nordic Photographer, Sweden

Please share a bit about your background as photographer.

I have had my own company for around 10 years. I started as an assistant and worked myself up. Took some classes on the side, like digital editing, art direction. I did that to get a larger perspective on the profession. To be honest it was never a long time dream for me to be a photographer, it was something that just came a long. When I was 20, I thought it would be fun to try it out because it seemed really interesting. Interesting in that way that you had the opportunity to meet so many different people, see the insides of many companies and see so many places around the world.

What type of photographer are you?

That is a hard question. I know that I am a photographer that does not cares so much about the technical details, but more with the feeling around everything, with the person you shoot with for example or maybe the light that strokes the object. Light is essential in every picture and I love the natural light.

What are your favorite motives?

I do not have particular motives that I love, it is more the places you are at and what can happen there. A motive that comes out of nowhere is amazing. Catching a natural unpredictable moment might be a favorite, now that I start thinking about it.

Which products do you use today?

I have one 5D Mark IV and one 5D Mark III, and a 16-35mm, 2.8 | 50mm, 1.4 | 24-70mm, 2.8 | 70-200mm, 2.8. (All Canon)

Can you tell us about a photo moment which you will never forget.

I have so many wonderful moments with my camera through the years. Standing on the top of mountains in the Alps, see the Brazilian people dance to music, to meet all the amazing people of South Africa or stand behind Steve Angello during his shows and see how people just loose it. But one that is extra special is when I caught Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his laughter of a joke that I made, on one of our shoots. I mean, he is one of our biggest of all time.

Can you give an advice to someone who wants to develop in photography.

First of all, get to know your camera. And then understand the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter. Then, -think. Think how you want your picture to be before you take it and the use your settings and mind to make it happen.