Enjoy outstanding image quality and professional level control with the LEGRIA HF G40 Wi-Fi video camera.


  • Express your creativity with professional quality video

  • Excellent versatility in a handheld design

  • Designed for advanced shooting and connectivity

  • Enjoy custom control with quick access to functions

  • Quickly capture all the action in creative footage

Yksityiskohtaiset ominaisuudet

  • Professional video quality

    Capture outstanding high bitrate AVCHD 1080p video with variable frame rates in any light thanks to an extensive range of professional features and manual controls. These include a high sensitivity 1/2.84 type CMOS PRO sensor, a large 8-bladed aperture, Wide DR and Highlight Priority modes and powerful optical image stabilisation.

  • Versatile handheld shooting

    The LEGRIA HF G40 offers great versatility in a compact handheld design. Capture broad landscapes and detailed close ups with the bright 20 x wide angle f/1.8 zoom lens and simultaneously record in both AVCHD and MP4 format. A high resolution, tilting viewfinder allows use in tight spaces and from many awkward angles.

  • Advanced connectivity

    Wi-Fi allows remote shooting via your smart device with control of shutter speed, focus and exposure. A wide range of advanced connections include mic and headphone sockets, direct HDMI and AV out, a Mini Advanced Shoe and tripod mount, USB and dual SD card slots. Geo-tagging is also available via optional accessory.

  • Quick custom control

    Enjoy fast access to essential functions thanks to intuitive touchscreen menus and touch-autofocus with focus recall. A switchable zoom/focus ring plus customisable function buttons and dial, which keep your most used controls to hand, speed up operation so you don’t miss a shot.

  • Creative footage

    Switch between full auto, manual and Cinema mode, which lets you quickly shoot creative footage with movie-style filters that can be applied during or after recording. Get dramatic effects with slow motion and timelapse recording and capture great audio. Selectable focus speed adds to your creativity.

Tekniset tiedot

  • 8-lamellinen pyöreä himmenninaukko

  • Full HD

  • Kuvaa sekä kirkkaiden että tummien alueiden yksityiskohdat

  • Laajakulmaobjektiivi

  • 20x optinen zoom

  • Älykäs optinen kuvanvakain

  • Tehokas DIGIC-prosessori

  • Kauko-ohjaus ja jakaminen Wi-Fi-yhteydellä