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If you are choosing from within an album, simply click on the box in the lower right corner of the image to select it for printing. Once you have chosen which images you would like printed, click on ‘Buy Selection’ on the right hand side of your screen. You will be shown a final selection of the images that will be printed. If you are happy with your choice, click on ‘Next’, otherwise you can choose to select more or different images, remove images or return to an earlier screen.

The next screen is where you can select your print provider. By selecting a print centre you will exit the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY site, therefore before you proceed with your order, you must tick that you accept that you are leaving the site, and then pick your preferred print centre.

Once you have entered the print centre site, you will be asked for your credit card details, and have the opportunity to make other purchases. Once you have completed the required details, a fabulous printed image will be on its way to an address of your choice!