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In addition to a range of fun and convenient wireless functions, the Digital IXUS WIRELESS boasts an impressive set of features that ensure superb image quality, including:

·          5.0 Megapixels resolution
·          Compact 3x optical zoom lens with UA technology
·          DIGIC II with iSAPS
·          Large bright 2.0" LCD
·          14 shooting modes including My Colors
·          High quality VGA movies at 30fps

Despite its rich feature set and cutting edge technology, the Digital IXUS WIRELESS has the petite size and stunning good looks you would expect from a Digital IXUS camera. Sporting a new Slit & Frame design this striking metal bodied camera incorporates a stylish blue LED that illuminates during wireless communication for the ultimate in high-tech elegance.

How does it work?
The Digital IXUS WIRELESS uses Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b, an international standard for wireless communication. With an effective range of up to 30 metres[1], you can communicate with compatible devices – including PCs, laptops and printers – from any room in the house.

The Digital IXUS WIRELESS can be registered with a wireless access point for integration with your existing wireless home network. You can also communicate directly with individual devices using Ad Hoc mode. Up to 8 target devices can be registered, and Canon's user-friendly software makes setup quick and easy.

[1] Wireless communication range dependent upon environment.