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Experience the freedom of wireless photography!

The party's in full swing, you've captured the mood perfectly with some great snaps, and now you want to upload them to share with your friends. No problem – once you've managed to untangle the nest of cables wedged behind your PC, figured out which connection goes where and avoided disconnecting the party sound system that is. It seems that with each new advance in consumer technology comes more unsightly wires, and more time spent trying to put them in order – time that could be spent enjoying the moment.

Canon's latest addition to the Digital IXUS range makes cables and the hassle that goes with them a thing of the past. The new  Digital IXUS WIRELESS features built-in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) support for effortless PC[1] uploads from wherever you happen to be in the home[2] allowing you to stay where the action is. It comes supplied with a Wireless Print Adapter[3] for instant wireless prints of those special moments. There's no setup required – just plug in, select, and print.

[1]Requires Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) enabled PC running Windows XP SP2.
[2] Up to a 30 metre range, and dependant on environment
[3] Wireless direct printing requires PictBridge compatible printers. CA-DC20E Compact Power Adapter (supplied) may be required when connected to some PictBridge compatible printers.