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Differences between images captured with wide or telephoto lenses.
Fundamentally, when using a wide angle lens, you will be able to capture a greater area of view than when using a telephoto lens, but there are several other effects that can be used by altering the focal length of the image that you are taking.

Spatially, if you are shooting a scene where two objects are at a distance from one another, one behind the other with a distance of metres in between, when these are photographed with a wide angle lens, it will be evident that there is a distance separating the two objects. If the same scene is recorded with a telephoto lens, the distance between the objects will appear to be foreshortened, and the image will look as if there is little to no distance between them.

Additionally, you may also notice that the proportionate size of the objects in these scenes appears different when using different focal lengths. The object in the rear of the photograph taken with the wide angle lens appears significantly smaller than the object in the front, while they appear to be a similar size when shot with a telephoto lens.