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High Definition Vision

Make no mistake, High Definition Television (HDTV) is the future – TV manufacturers and broadcasters are gearing up for a brave new world. The result? All of a sudden, European videomakers are rushing to do the same: they’re hastily getting ready to meet the demand – and earn the bucks –producing the High Definition content that broadcasters, and TV sets, are desperate to show.

Still, there’s one big problem. While HD movies can’t be shot using any old camcorder, most HD-capable devices cost much more than the majority of videomakers can afford. So what’s the solution?

Facing the future: Canon’s XL H1

Things are about to change. With the launch of the XL H1, Canon’s first HD-capable camcorder, a comparatively low-cost, high quality, HD production tool has come to the market just in time

The new 1.67 Megapixel 3CCD XL H1 combines the familiar versatility of Canon’s XL series camcorders, capable of shooting Standard Definition (SD) movies just like other Canon camcorders, the XL H1 can also record 1080i HD movies.