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Matching inks and media
A final and equally fundamental part of achieving photolab quality prints at high speed lies in the technology of the inks and media.

Media must be able to allow high loading of ink in order to achieve wide tonal range and bright colours. It should also allow accurate droplet placement and form (shape) – i.e. ensure that there is minimal bleeding or migration of ink, as well as having a fast drying time so ink can be put down quickly.

Ink must also be matched to the precision of the FINE nozzles and media. For example, ink must be able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressure inside the nozzle chamber, and avoid drying around the nozzle aperture which can cause clogging.

Canon invests a significant portion of its inkjet research and development into ensuring that its media and ink range performs to the capabilities of FINE technology - consistently guaranteeing quality and speed of photo prints.

An additional benefit of new PIXMA range is ChromaLife100, a system of genuine Canon dye-based inks, which deliver exceptionally broad colour gamut, and specialised photo paper designed to work together with FINE print heads. This technology ‘triangle’ of nozzle design, ink and media produces prints that rival silver halide quality and longevity. Prints resist fading for 100 years when album-stored, 30 years when displayed under glass and 10 years when exposed to the effects of the air[1].


FINE technology is a combination of outstanding photolithographic manufacturing of print heads that disperse more ink, at a greater resolution, very quickly.

Canon’s new range of PIXMA printers all feature FINE print heads. As an example, the PIXMA iP5200 FINE print head has a total of 3584 nozzles with 2400 dpi pitch, and can print a high quality image in a single pass. High quality images generated at high speed is the standard across every printer in the new range.

Across the entire range, FINE produces 2 or 1pl minimum drop sizes from 10 or 9um micronozzles, FINE in PIXMA also offers a minimum pitch of 1200dpi, and FINE print heads are amongst the longest available. Combined with advanced ink and media, PIXMA can generate genuine photolab quality prints at unrivalled speeds, and thanks to ChromaLife100, they are quality prints that last.

[1]All figures are estimates based on accelerated tests and are not guaranteed. 100 year figure applies to PR-101, PP-101, SG-101, GP-401, GP-501 media, images stored behind plastic cover sheet. 30 year figure applies to PR-101 and PP-101 media, 10 year figure to PR-101 only. Lightfastness and gasfastness figures assume a typical indoor environment avoiding direct sunlight.