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Illustration Innovation

Everybody knows what an advertisement for a camera generally looks like – stunning images that highlight the camera’s image capturing functionality along with beautiful shots of the camera itself. For the new Digital IXUS 750 advertising campaign, Canon Europe wanted images that would stand out from the crowd. Boldly, cayenne (the company behind the Digital IXUS 750 promotion) and Canon looked to the work of British illustrator David Bray, placing the camera in the dreamlike pen and ink vistas that he creates.

The three commissioned images are characteristic of the work that David Bray undertakes as an illustrator. “My work is quite ornate, but it is also quite simple. I use whatever tools I can find – pen and ink, drawing paper, and felt tips. A lot of people use Macs in their work, but I find you can get a better effect with a biro,” says Bray. Bray initially started his career as a graphic designer, but quickly found himself drawn to illustration. “I trained as a graphic designer, but I forgot to put in the words. I was pushed or fell more into illustration than graphic design. The training was good, as graphic design is quite structured and the composition is quite contained, but I always liked fine arts. One day someone saw some sketches that I had done, and said that I should concentrate on illustration. It was the best bit of advice I’ve ever had.” Over time, Bray’s style has evolved from a collage style of illustration to his current look. “What I do now is more pen and ink representation, my images have a feel of Japanese prints interpreted in my own style.”