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Camera Features

Taking photos of firework displays and snapping night shots can produce spectacular results – however, it’s often a challenge to capture the results you’re after. Follow these tips and you won’t miss any of the magic as you celebrate the end of 2005.

Special Scenes Modes
With your Canon PowerShot or Digital IXUS camera, the Special Scene Modes can help you to achieve phenomenal results this New Year’s Eve, with minimum effort. These modes automatically set shooting parameters such as exposure and white balance, so all you need to do it point and shoot.

Night Snapshot , for example, is a Special Scene Mode perfect for capturing celebratory moments with friends even when the nights have drawn in. It reduces blurring significantly when shooting subjects at dusk or against a night time background – even without using a tripod.

If you’re planning to set your New Year’s Eve night alight, the Fireworks setting is for you. It allows you to capture the vivid colours of exploding fireworks in all their glory, while dramatically reducing the noise and distortion that would usually be visible. In Fireworks mode, shutter speed is reduced to   ensure the brilliant arcs of coloured light across the sky are captured,  whilst maintaining optimal exposure. The flash is turned off, white balance is altered appropriately, and focus is set to infinity – all ensuring your shots are of the best quality. Optimum results will be achieved when using a tripod.