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Digital SLRs are not designed with movie production in mind, however, so some creative thinking was required to get the equipment ready for shooting. With no built-in video out feature on the cameras, the team had to devise customised rigs to deliver a live video feed from the camera's viewfinder so that animators could see what they were doing. To give the film the traditional look of movie film stock, each image was processed with a colour profile based on a type of film used in feature length movies.

The fruits of all this labour are immediately apparent – stunning visuals that capture all the detail of Tim Burton’sCorpse Bride's finely crafted puppets, intricate sets and artful lighting, yet still retain the warmth and familiarity of celluloid. Kozachik is happy with the results and believes that digital SLRs will play a role in future stop-motion films. With Tim Burton’sCorpse Bride as a reference point, it would seem to be a certainty.