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Kozachik and his team used Mitchell 35mm cameras on The Nightmare Before Christmas. So why make the move to digital? "We were convinced that we could save time with some sort of digital photography," Kozachik explains. "Corpse Bride came along just about the time that most of the key components were coming available to put together a complete, cost-effective system." After testing cameras from several manufacturers, the team chose the EOS 1D Mark II for its performance on dark shots – an important factor to consider when shooting a movie with much gloomy, atmospheric lighting.

Most digital capture equipment for stop-motion animation requires a computer hookup to store images. With the EOS 1D Mark IIs, images could be recorded directly onto standard high-capacity Compact Flash cards within the cameras. This allowed the team to create smaller, portable shooting rigs that could be moved and repositioned easily. "The digital SLRs were much more compact than the movie cameras we had grown used to," says Kozachik. "It helped save time in mounting, and often allowed angles we might not have gone for with full size cine equipment."