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Scheunemann is relatively new to filmmaking, and wants to ensure that the film that he makes expresses his voice, and not the voice of his subject. “David is the only filmmaker that I have worked with, so my frame of reference is quite limited. It would seem only natural that David would influence my style. It poses a difficult and interesting challenge for me to not be accused of mimicking David. Many of the same things that interest David also interest me, but his approach to these things is entirely unique.” For what he wants his film to show, Scheunemann says, “I am trying to give the world a personal view of David. I want to show them that he is a very happy, very funny, very nice person who just happens to be able to take them into very mysterious worlds”.

Spending so much time with Lynch affords Scheunemann the chance to learn from one of the masters of his craft. “David is like a battery that people plug into, he feeds the creative process,” explains Scheunemann. “I enjoy watching him direct and try to learn from him so that I can apply my style to the knowledge he is giving.” In describing Lynch’s directorial technique Scheunemann explains, “David is a very spontaneous director, he knows what he wants, but is not afraid to let ‘happy accidents’ make their way onto the set”.

Scheunemann will continue to trail David Lynch until August, and hopes that his film will be ready for release at the end of next year. In keeping with the silence that surrounds Lynch’s latest film, Scheunemann will have to wait until Lynch’s film is released before he shows his own project to the world – lest he be one to let the cat out of the bag. He needs to be necessarily vague about the details of his project. It must be a big responsibility to be the keeper of David Lynch’ secrets.