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Following filming in Poland, Scheunemann cut a short pilot documentary. To get permission to continue filming Lynch, Scheunemann showed him the rough cut. If Lynch didn’t like the work, Scheunemann’s documentary would have been cut short. “David saw the pilot that I made from the footage in Poland, and all I can say is that I am still here today, filming!”

For the shoot in Poland, Scheunemann had assembled a crew to assist in filming. “The crew was quite large, especially for a documentary,” says Scheunemann. The role of the documentarian is to become as invisible as possible, to remove the distance between the subject and the camera, which can obviously be quite difficult if there are several people following them about. One of the advantages of shooting with digital, rather than with film, is that the filmmaker can be much less obtrusive. Scheunemann tells us that, since returning to Los Angeles to film, “It has only been me and my Canon cameras. I enjoy the freedom of digital, especially with regard to lighting and ease of manoeuvrability.” Scheunemann has largely been recording with an XM2 and MVX35i.