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DVD Fever

We all like to make our own home movies but messing around with cables and computers can often seem like far too much fuss. Now, though, Canon’s first DVD video camcorders, the DC10 and DC20, are ready to bring the fun spinning back into home moviemaking!

DVD video camcorders like the DC10 and DC20 do away with miniDV tapes. Instead, they record fresh footage straight onto mini-sized, 8cm DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. Of course, the benefit of shooting videos in this manner is how easy it is to get movies onto the big screen: with Canon’s DVD video camcorders there’s simply no need to worry about connecting a cam up to a television set – or, worse, investing the money and time into a complicated computer editing setup. Of course, you could do all of this, and more. But if you’d rather watch your videos back without having to worry about it, a DVD disc only needs to be finalised and switched from the camcorder to a compatible DVD player. And that’s it!

Some people, it’s true, worry about which of the DVD formats they should use. But with Canon’s new video camcorders, the choice has been made simple.

To take the easiest option and watch home movies back straight away, record onto a DVD-R disc. Compatible with almost every home DVD player, DVD-R is a write-once format. That means that once a disc has been ‘finalised’ in-camera no changes will be able to be made. (That simple fact makes DVD-R perfect for storing special, once-in-a-lifetime memories). Finalising a disc is simply a way of telling the camcorder that you’re ready to watch what has been shot and, once completed, the DVD is immediately ready. Canon DVD camcorders have a separate, special button for finalising, to make the process as easy as it can be.