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Canon celebrated the tenth anniversary of IXUS in a style befitting one of the most iconic camera designs of modern times. Fashion celebrities and more than 400 media representatives from across Europe gathered at London's Atlantis Gallery in September to partake in a glamorous event that celebrated the past, present and future of IXUS.

The party saw the unveiling of a collection of diamond-encrusted Digital IXUS 65 models, which will be auctioned on eBay with the proceeds going to the European Red Cross. Covered in 1,000 diamonds, the one-of-a-kind
Super Diamond Digital IXUS 65 is worth an estimated €40,000. Ten ‘his and hers’ Digital IXUS 65 cameras encrusted in 80 diamonds each will also be up for grabs.

You Connect | Syyskuu 2006
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