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So assured was the company with the ‘box and circle’ design that it felt comfortable enough to use it to power through the next major shake-up of the industry, the digital revolution.

Looking to create a strong image to take the IXUS into the digital age Seiichi Omino, head of the design team behind the first Digital IXUS, said: “We wanted to utilise the box and circle motive. However, we also wanted to incorporate the digital character into the new design.”

Omino believes that style has always remained key to the success of the IXUS products. “The market chases fashion. The IXUS brand has kept its own identity without losing character in spite of this changing fashion.”
When the first Digital IXUS was launched in May 2000, consumers were greeted with a style accessory that was an organic evolution of the original design. All IXUS cameras since have uheld the legacy of luxury, performance and style.

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