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When the first IXUS was launched in 1996, nobody could have predicted the impact it would have on the industry. The much-imitated 'box and circle' design has been lauded for its elegant simplicity, yet the design process behind it was painstaking and complex.

At the time, Advanced Photo System (APS) film technology was emerging to compete with conventional film. The role of the camera was changing. “We made ten different models before deciding on the final design,” explains Shiotani. “One of our key objectives was that the handling had to be very easy and functional.”

Apart from striving for a camera small enough to be hidden behind a credit card, the designers also set themselves the task of testing new materials. “Canon had started using aluminium, but with the new camera we wanted to use stainless steel,” says Shiotani. “It was vital for us that the camera had a tactile, luxurious feel to it. This meant that we had to develop a new surface treatment to get the results we wanted.”

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