The difference between a well-lit and badly lit scene can be the difference between great footage and a disappointingly grainy result. Camcorders work best in a fairly specific light range; if the light is too bright your whites will blow out, while not enough light means lots of grain and not much colour.

While most people think of video lighting being required only while shooting indoors, it can also be used to great effect outdoors.
Canon has a range of Video Light accessories for Mini DV and High Definition HDV camcorders.

Video lights fit to the camcorder’s accessory shoe. Many Canon camcorders have an Advanced Accessory Shoe, which can power and communicate with video lights to eliminate the need for additional power or electronic cables. Video lights compatible with the Advanced Accessory Shoe system turn on and off automatically with the camcorder.

There are two types of lights. ‘Video Light’ accessories are used to light video footage. ‘Video Light and Flash’ accessories can be used both to light video footage and as a digital still flash on camcorders with a digital still function. These special lights can fire automatically as a digital still flash, or as a pre-flash to reduce red-eye.

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