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Outer space. An object flies towards the planet Earth. It rushes past a satellite and the light of the rising sun towards the blue planet below. It breaks through the atmosphere and hurtles thousands and thousands of feet towards the hard ground… before his feet touch down gently on a city sidewalk…

This is the opening scene from a spectacular new TV commercial, produced to coincide with the launch of Canon’s newest high-specification D-SLR: the EOS 400D.

Shot during a blisteringly hot week in July 2006, the globe-spanning advert features people softly coming to land on Earth across all five continents.

As Canon Europe Marketing Communications Director Gregory Kukolj explains, “The campaign captures the excitement of the D-SLR system, showing that with EOS the entire world is your playground.”
The complex shoot involved lots of heavy duty wire-work as the characters in the ad touch down in the American Mid-West, Far East and Europe.

Using techniques borrowed from big-budget Hollywood movies such as The Matrix and X-Men, actors and stuntmen were dropped more than 20 feet on wires to achieve the effect of landing. The footage was then extensively treated in post-production – both to add computer generated elements like the satellite and to digitally remove the wires.

The advertisement– entitled ‘Welcome to the Playground’ – is currently being shown across 15 European countries.

You Connect readers can take the opportunity to watch ‘Welcome to the Playground’ here

The new 400D features:

  • 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • 2.5" LCD
  • 9-point wide-area AF
  • Picture Styles

To find out more about the EOS 400D, go to

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