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CANON iMAGE GATEWAY has been designed specifically with your Canon camera in mind, and offers excellent connectivity between the two. Connect your camera directly to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, and you can download exclusive themes, start-up sounds and images for your camera.

Printing options
Don’t restrict your best photos to the computer – with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, you can enjoy a wealth of creative printing options. Besides ordering a variety of high-quality print versions of your pictures, you can choose to print photos onto mugs, t-shirts or even mouse pads. Alternatively, print directly from CANON iMAGE GATEWAY to your Canon photo printer.

You Connect | Maaliskuu 2007
EOS 20 vuotta
Kaupunki Safari -valokuvauskilpailu
Uudet EOS-yhdistelmäpaketit
Täydellisiä muotokuvia
Canon luotetuin kameramerkki
You Connect -verkkolehdet