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Have you tried CANON iMAGE GATEWAY yet? Canon’s exclusive online portal for Canon registered customers has just been relaunched with even more ways to have fun with your photos. Here, we take you through some of the highlights – which include the chance for users to win a special prize.

Online Photo Album
With the new CANON iMAGE GATEWAY you can upload your photos easily using the new drag and drop plug-in function, before customising your online album with a variety of backgrounds and layouts
Then, when you’re happy with the way things look, it’s time to share your photos with friends and family. Invite visitors to view your pictures and they’ll be given the chance (if permitted by you) to download the original images, and order prints using Canon’s online partners. Alternatively, they can print images at home using their own Canon printer.

Picture Style
Want to liven up your photos? CANON iMAGE GATEWAY includes a range of Picture Styles that you can apply just as you would a film. These unique color Picture Styles enable you to apply unusual effects, or emphasise certain colors. Many are tailored to particular types of shooting conditions, allowing you to produce the best result from your subject.

You Connect | Maaliskuu 2007
EOS 20 vuotta
Kaupunki Safari -valokuvauskilpailu
Uudet EOS-yhdistelmäpaketit
Täydellisiä muotokuvia
Canon luotetuin kameramerkki
You Connect -verkkolehdet