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Condense hours of footage into minutes with Canon’s clever new Time Lapse Movie function.

Until recently, capturing very slow-moving subjects like drifting clouds, a bustling street, or the blooming of a flower, remained beyond the reach of many digital compact camera users. All that is about to change, however, thanks to a new Time Lapse Movie function found on Canon’s Digital IXUS 70 and Digital IXUS 75 compact cameras.

Time Lapse Movie Mode works by taking still shots at a rate of either 0.5 or 1.0 frames per second. The camera then stitches these shots together to produce a smooth VGA movie: as a result, gradual changes appear as if fast-forwarded.

For example, if you set the camera to shoot at 0.5fps for 30 seconds, 15 images are taken. These can then be condensed into a 15fps VGA movie of one second. Using this method, a maximum two hours’ footage can be turned into a four-minute movie file.

The results of using Time Lapse Movie can be breathtaking. Watch a flower opening. See the sun move across the sky. It’s an exciting new way of seeing the world through your Digital IXUS camera. What will you film first?

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