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Stunning desert landscapes, colourful market bazaars and a rich cultural tapestry that constantly surprises – Morocco truly is a feast for the senses. And with up to 12 hours of sunshine everyday, it's a photographer's dream. An ideal place then, to take the new EOS 30D for a test drive. Canon invited award-winning Danish photojournalist Erik Refner to do just that on a five-day assignment in Marrakech, the country's second largest city. The trip saw Erik take the EOS 30D from bustling thoroughfares and souks to the humbling expanses of the Sahara, taking in a wedding feast, remote village dwellers and a boxing match along the way. "There is such variety in the landscapes, people and cultures of Morocco," says Erik. "At the outset I wanted to capture the spirit of the Moroccans and I think with the EOS 30D I was able to do that."

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You Connect | Toukokuu 2006
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