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Once the shape is fixed, the team uses special software to create the patterns. It requires a great deal of fine adjustment to make sure that all the parts fit together properly when the model is assembled.

Adding colour
Colours are key to every 3D Paper Art model. Of course, no one knows what Tyrannosaurus Rex really looked like, but the designers try to make the model as life-like as possible.

The completed Tyrannosaurus Rex
Once the entire team is happy, the pattern is converted into a high quality PDF file – a complete 3D Paper Art Tyrannosaurus Rex, ready to be downloaded and printed out.

Try it out!
Now that you know how it was designed, why not try making Tyrannosaurus Rex with your kids? Click here to download the design.

Simply print it out in full colour, follow the instructions and start creating. Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect at first – at the very least, you'll have had fun trying!

Download more creations from the 3D Paper Art site

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