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Canon's 3D Paper Art creations are a great way for you and your kids to learn and have fun. Designed for Canon inkjet printers, they contain easy to follow instructions and clever designs for creating colourful 3D paper models. There are hundreds available, covering everything from animals to famous buildings. But how exactly does the 3D Paper Art team come up with their designs? We took a visit to the 3D Paper Art Studio to follow the evolution of one new creation – the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

3D Paper Art models are educational as well as fun, so accuracy is something the designers take quite seriously. They start by examining actual dinosaur skeletons at the museum and researching books, magazines and the Internet. As well as the shape and colour of the dinosaur, the designers research its origins and history.

The next step involves sketching out different ideas for the model. Would it look good for the dinosaur to have its jaws open in a savage roar, or perhaps with its hind legs poised for attack? Prototypes are then assembled from roughly drawn patterns and adhesive tape.

You Connect | Kesäkuu 2006
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