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The sensor on an EOS digital SLR isn’t something that you see very often –­ it’s only revealed for a fraction of a second when you’re taking a photograph. However it can still be affected by dust and dirt. Dust on your camera sensor can cause dark marks or specks on your photographs. We asked our experts for some advice on the best way to clean one of the most sensitive parts of a camera.

Ideally, if you can have the sensor cleaned professionally, take your camera to a Canon Service Centre. If you are doing it yourself there are a few important things to remember.

To clean the sensor the camera shutter must be kept open, so it’s extremely important to ensure that your camera has a steady power supply. If the shutter closes during cleaning it will be damaged. Use a DC Coupler Kit or make sure that your camera has a full battery. Make sure that you do not turn off your camera’s power during cleaning – so don’t remove the CF card, the battery, or accidentally switch the camera off.

Your camera should be set to the Creative Zone using the mode dial.

Use the menus and function keys to select [Sensor Cleaning] from Set-Up Menu 2.

At the prompt, select [OK]. This will raise the camera mirror to reveal the sensor.

Use a commercially available dust blower without a brush. Never insert the blower beyond the camera’s lens mount, and never use canned air or gas. Carefully blow away any dust or dirt from the surface of the sensor.

After removing the dust set the Power switch to [Off]. The shutter will close and the mirror will go down. Switch the camera back on and you're ready to start shooting again!

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