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Large number of nozzles
More nozzles means faster print times. If a print head has only 200 nozzles it will have to operate at three times the speed to equal the same ink dispersal as a head with 600 nozzles. More nozzles is a much more efficient way of increasing print speeds than speeding up the print carriage.

High density nozzles and longer print heads
Not only does more nozzles mean faster print times, it also means improvement in print quality. When nozzles are widely spaced, the pitch (or nozzle density) is low and the print head will need to make a number of passes to achieve high image quality.  When the nozzles are closely packed with a high density, fewer passes are required to achieve higher resolution.

The fourth component in generating high quality photo prints at a high speed is a long print head. With a longer print head, fewer passes are required to complete a page. So the combination of nozzles being manufactured in an extremely small and precise form, super-small ink droplets, a high nozzle density generating higher resolution in fewer passes, and a long FINE print head is ideal for high speed, quality prints.
The quality and speed delivered by FINE print heads are one component of the Canon Photo Triangle. Next month we take a look at Genuine Canon Inks.

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