Northern Action – Capturing moments that feel tangible

A mountain road as dusk falls

Flow of time versus a fleeting moment – While a mountain road sees heavy traffic as dusk falls, the moment seems eerily suspended in time.

Known as Northern Action, the Finnish duo specialises in adventure and commercial photo and videography. They focus on modern, high quality images while playing with colours and perspectives.

Sami Lievonen and Joonas Puhakka both started photographing in their early teens as a form of self-expression and met at a local sports event at the age of 15. Sharing a passion for new imaging technology, photography and business, the boys figured they could use their skills to try and finance their hobby.

They started going door to door offering to take photos at junior sporting events. This turned out to be a great way to acquire practical skills and experience as well as useful contacts. Over time shared photography turned into a more business-like symbiosis. Their fate as professionals was sealed when they noticed how much their clients loved their work and kept coming back for more.

Northern Action takes pride in its innovative and ambitious way of trying out new ideas. They put a lot of effort into planning each shoot beforehand so that the message of the image is clear despite the medium though which it is viewed. As self-confessed tech geeks, they are always keen to try out new things, like from remote controlled cameras to on-site printing services.

Asked for words of wisdom, the guys encourage aspiring photographers to play with different shutter speeds: “Play with your camera settings to learn the photographer’s holy trinity: shutter, iso, aperture. And don’t be afraid of using different focal lengths. Longer focal lengths train your eye to tell the story, which is extra important when working on video.”

Joonas Puhakka and Sami Lievonen gazing up at the treetops.
Northern Action: Sami Lievonen, 24, & Joonas Puhakka, 25
Helsinki, Finland
Adventure and commercial photography

Instagram: northernaction
Facebook: northernaction
YouTube: NorthernAction

Northern Actions names Michael Shainblum and Joel Marklund as their photographic idols. “Both take amazing photos with a strong, unique style. We love the way they challenge themselves to catch the perfect moment”. From admiration and inspiration to personal goals and ambitions, the influence shows clearly.

Northern Actions kitbag

Northern Actions favourite kit includes 2x Canon EOS R5, EF 11-24mm f/4L USM with EF to RF variable and adapter, EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM, RF 50MM F1.2L USM, RF 15-35MM F2.8L IS USM, RF 28-70MM F2L USM, RF 70-200MM F2.8L IS USM, Canon TC-80n3 Remote controller, 18 pcs LP-E6N/ LP-E6NH batteries. Also included are 2x MacBook Pro, 2x Motorola radiophone, Garmin GPS maps, Nisi & Lee filters, Gitzo Ocean tripods, 3x SanDisk CFast Express and 3x Lexar SD.

Northern Actions kitbag containing Canon cameras, lenses and accessories.