Canon FPA-5550iZ2

Multi-solution stepper for logic, memory and image sensor fabrication.


Cropped front view of i-Line lithography model Canon FPA-5550iZ2

≤ 0.35 µm

high resolution

300 mm

wafer size

≤ 15 nm (|m| + 3σ)

SMO overlay accuracy

SSC Unit

Shot Shape Compen­sator

Optimised sequencing for high-productivity

Reduced wafer processing time and faster calibration processing improves productivity, while Shot Shape Compensator enhances overlay accuracy.

Fast processing

Improved alignment, exposure and wafer transfer reduces processing times.

Shot correction

Shot Shape Compensator corrects vertical and horizontal magnification differences and skew.

System options

A range of solutions for logic, memory, colour filters and image sensors.

Front view of i-Line lithograph model Canon FPA-5550iZ2

Product Specifications

Wafer size

200mm, 300mm

Exposure area

26 mm (max) x 33 mm (max)


≤ 0.35 µm

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.45 ~ 0.57

Overlay accuracy

SMO1 ≤ 15 nm (|m| + 3σ)
MMO2 ≤ 20 nm (|m| + 3σ)*

*Options required

Full view of i-Line lithography machine Canon FPA-5550iZ2
Boost your productivity with the fast and efficient Canon FPA-5550iZ2

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1. SMO: Single Machine Overlay
2. MMO: Machine-to-machine overlay
3. IoT: Internet of Things
4. MEMS: An abbreviation of "Micro Electro Mechanical Systems" which are devices having micron-level mechanical structures such as collecting sensors and actuators that are integrated with electronic circuitry.