Bubble Jet Technology

Bubble Jet is the name of Canon's best-known proprietary technology. A micro-heater is built into each ink nozzle of a print head.

Ink is heated by running an instantaneous electric current through the micro-heater, so that ink droplets jet out of the nozzle under the pressure of the heat. This technology has enabled us to offer much more affordable and high-quality printers than standard ink-jet printers using piezoelectric devices. The Canon Bubble Jet system is an unprecedented ink-jet printing method, born from the uncompromising desire of our engineers to create an ideal printer that makes everyone's dreams of imaging come true.

Thanks to tireless efforts to establish high-speed, high-quality ink-jet printing, Canon has overcome diverse technological difficulties to open up a new world of photo-quality color graphics. And now, we add one more cutting edge--our MicroFine Droplet Technology- a new-generation Bubble Jet technology incorporated in the BJC8200 and some other series. The MicroFine Droplet Technology incorporates an affordable and ultraprecise nozzle-manufacturing process developed based on the optical engineering technologies for which Canon is renowned, coupled with a revolutionary principle of ink discharge. MicroFine Droplet Technology will widely extend the application range of the Bubble Jet system.

Canon's state-of-the-art Bubble Jet technology continues to evolve. In the future, new advancements will ring in an age in which anyone can have the text and graphics they desire, no matter where they may be, with high speed and excellent image quality.

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